Poggio Gabbiano

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The latest generation to manage the estate is compsed of entirley of women, bringing a freshnes of view and a different feel the the historically patriarchal countryside, without loosing sight of the traditional hospitality represented by the warmth of open fires and the smell of just cooked pasteries.


Poggio Gabbiano is a typical Tuscan farmhouse who dominates from above the Val di Chiana, with a view over Montepulciano and also over the beautiful Cortona. Surrounded by vineyards, olive trees and woods, the cottage is gently caressed by the warm wind “Garbino” which gives the name to the hill and to the small village of Gabbiano, where the farmhouse is located and where you can admire the amazing small church of Saint Firmina, surrounded by the vineyards of the estate. The latest generation who is now running the farmhouse is made by women, characteristic which gives a romantic feeling to the whole atmosphere: the fireplaces on the cold winter nights, vases of spring flowers everywhere, the good care of selecting furniture, the smell of coffee and freshly baked cakes, the beautiful pool, the paths through vineyards, olive groves and through the oaks in the wood, the surprising flora which tickles you while touching your legs... You can see the roe deers in the background further away, hares that browse the hidden corners of the garden, the vegetables just picked fresh from the garden and the ripe fruits of the orchard. Here you will be cuddled, pampered and regenerated while savoring every taste, perceiving every smell of the earth of Tuscany in this wonderful atmosphere of Poggio Gabbiano.