Approaching along the tree lined drive the ancient farm house preserves the same outward aspect as when it was built. Since then the interior has been fully modernized with en-suite bathrooms, airconditioning and broad band WiFi. The furnishings and decor remain faithful to the original period.

BELVEDERE (9+3 Guests)

Il Belvedere, the main building, includes four upstairs suites opening on to a large lounge and dining area where breakfast is served for clients choosing to opt for B&B. The room “Non ti scordar di me” takes its name from the colours used for the painting of the room, a light blue and a very beautiful blue. It is a double room with bathroom but is also suitable for three people. The room “Peony” is elegantly furnished and characterized by violet and white striped walls. It has a big bath and the possibility of adding a third bed. The room “Ranuncolo” has a stunning view over the hill of Cortona and you can also see the borders of Montepulciano. It is an ample and bright room with a double bed and the possibility of additional third bed. The room “Giaggiolo" is characterized by green and white colours, like the typical Tuscan lilies, and is divided in two levels: the first one includes the double bed and the bathroom; the second is a small mezzanine with a single bed.


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IL GRANAIO (9+1 Guests)

Il Granaio is a wide ground-floor apartment, also suitable for people with physical impairments. It is tastefully decorated and furnished in every detail; the colours of the walls match the curtains ranging from light blue, yellow, green and orange. The apartment features a big kitchen with dining area, one double, one triple and one quadruple bedrooms and two bathrooms.



LA STALLA (6 Guests)

La Stalla is on the ground floor and offers a beautiful view on the vineyards and the pool. The apartment is also suitable for people with physical impairments. The design of the apartment is created in details, thanks to the white, light blue and pink colours which give to the location a harmonious and unique atmosphere. It features two double and one twin bedrooms, one bathroom, an equipped kitchen with dining area and an outdoor patio.

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LA BANDITA (5 Guests)

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La Bandita has a splendid view over the hill of Cortona. It has a big sitting room with equipped kitchen and two bedrooms with a bathroom. Everything is really nicely furnished, also the colours are wisely chosen.



IL FORNO (2+2 Guests)

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Il Forno is a very intimate and warm place. It is a small annex built where in the past people baked the bread. It has a nice sitting room with equipped kitchen, a double bedroom with bathroom and a mezzanine upper level for two more beds. It is like a small nest where you can take refuge!